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Jayden Wei Shares The Benefits of Investing in DeFi

Decentralized financial infrastructure, or DeFi, has emerged as one of the most popular topics of conversation in recent years. Try to picture a worldwide system of banking and insurance that does not have a single member. In recent years, there has been a worldwide uptick of interest in investing in DeFi crypto for a variety of reasons. Selecting the most promising DeFi crypto coins is essential. But keep in mind that investing in DeFi carries a number of risks, the most notable of which is volatility.

In this article, you will learn more about the benefits of investing in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) brought to you by Jayden Wei.

Who is Jayden Wei?

Jayden Wei

Jayden Wei is a well-known figure for online investment and financial asset management. Not only that, he is also the Head of Strategy in a DeFi management company that provides a fair and open platform where participants from all backgrounds may work together to advance the infrastructure and eventually build a healthy economic ecosystem.

What is DeFi According to Jayden Wei?

The Defi ecosystem is full of interesting possibilities. The expansion of DeFi networks bodes well for those interested in Defi loans for passive income, decentralized exchanges for evading centralized authority, or just complete autonomy over their digital assets. And it is not just the returns on investment that make DeFi appealing; it is also the fact that it uses blockchain technology for secure and borderless monetary transactions. However, as the interest in DeFi projects grows, there is little to be done about people wondering how to get in on the action.

Jayden Wei stated that Decentralized Finance allows individuals, businesses, and merchants to conduct financial transactions directly with one another using cutting-edge information and communication technologies, thus eliminating the need for middlemen. On top of that, DeFi leverages the latest developments in network security, application and hardware design to provide decentralized financial transactions between users.

Furthermore, data from a distributed database can be verified by a consensus method and made available to users in different places. Jayden Wei highlighted that DeFi is an ecosystem that leverages a variety of existing blockchain-related technologies, such as digital assets, wallets, smart contracts, and ancillary services like oracles, to cut out the need for traditional financial intermediaries like banks, brokers, exchanges, and others.

Jayden Wei’s Bitcoin Graphic


One of the primary catalysts of DeFi technology is “smart contracts,” which are essentially bits of code stored on the blockchain. They not only spell out the nitty-gritty of the contract but also keep an eye on it and even execute it automatically whenever certain criterias are met.

The Benefits of DeFi Stated by Jayden Wei

On top of that, there are many benefits of investing in DeFi according to Jayden Wei;

  • DeFi services are available globally to anyone with a cryptocurrency wallet and an online connection as it has high accessibility. Users can transact and move their assets instantly without the need for typical bank fees or the lengthy processing times associated with international wire transfers.
  • DeFi offers real-time transaction. Interest rates are updated numerous times each minute, and the underlying blockchain is updated as soon as a transaction is completed.
  • Transparency. More than 90% of all DeFi traffic takes place on the Ethereum blockchain, where all transactions are publicly broadcast and confirmed by other users. Any user on the network will be able to monitor its behaviour thanks to this level of openness to transaction data.
  • Open-source code is used in the majority of DeFi projects, meaning that it can be viewed, audited, and built upon by anyone. Open-source technology makes it simple for developers to integrate multiple DeFi applications and come up with novel financial products and services, according to Jayden Wei.
  • Smart contracts can be programmed to carry out agreements automatically. By way of illustration, once the conditions of a smart contract have been met, the agreement can be set to automatically release the collateral.
  • With DeFi applications, you can invest without a broker or a credit history, as Jayden Wei said. No official documentation of any kind is required.
  • The interest rates offered are generally more competitive than those offered by conventional banks, and there is less of a requirement for collateral to secure a loan. Getting a DeFi loan often simply requires you to have other crypto assets to use as collateral. Users may be able to pledge non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as collateral if the underlying DeFi protocol supports this.


It was also stated by Jayden Wei that DeFi has structural differences and advantages, such as its one-of-a-kind products, rapid innovation, increased transparency, enhanced efficiency, and reduced costs associated with international money transfers. To sum it up, DeFi is definitely seen as the future of financial asset management with seamless integration alongside the innovation of technology.